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Global Partners

Reewape Global Partners

We Reewape do mission in partnership. Reewape's mission invites us to join hands with our International Partners and to walk together as companions with our sisters and brothers around the world. We provide high-quality products and services to vapers worldwide.

Our Main Partners

>United States Distributors
>United Kingdom Wholesaler and Chain stores
>France Distributors
>Japan Distributors
>Korea Distributors
>China Brands Company
>Indonesia Distributors and Wholesaler
>Italy Wholesaler and Chain stores
>Canada Wholesaler and Chain stores
>Belgium Distributors
>Malaysia Wholesalers and chain stores
>Russian Chain stores
>Korea Distributors
>Spain Wholesaler and Chain stores
>Kuwait Wholesaler and Chain stores
>Thailand Wholesaler
>Colombia Wholesaler and Chain stores

Become a partner of Reewape is straightforward and cost-effective. We choose to list

wholesale prices clearly and publicly on the product page. When you buy in bulk, you are

expected to enjoy:

1) Extremely board range of products to select.

2) Highly competitive price to boost your business.

3) Flexible payment methods.

4) Professional and dedicated before-and-after-sales service.

Contact us via Email: and we will respond in one business day.

Read below if you intend to do Wholesale with us:-

1. Wholesale Price

The whole price is listed on each product page. The more you buy, the more you save. Wholesale prices will be applied to your

the shopping cart automatically. And shipping fee will also be calculated on its own.

2. Extra Discounts

We give extra discounts/gifts beyond the wholesale prices on product pages, on below conditions:-

a) For orders over $ 800, AND you choose Bank Wire/West Union payment

b) For orders over $500, AND subtotal of products whose quantity is less than 6 (you don't enjoy whole prices on them) are

greater than $200

Contact us and we will respond in one business day.

3. Quotation

We don’t provide manual quotation services anymore since the price is transparent now. If you plan to place a large order(at

least greater than $800), you can contact us to negotiate a better price or personalized service.

4. Shipping

We recommend DHL, Euro Special (good for EU customers) and EMS for wholesale orders. They are reliable based on our

customers’ experience. Custom fees are on your responsibility(if occurs) if you don’t pay custom fees beforehand.

4. Payment

For orders over $800, we prefer Bank Wire/West Union payment. Please contact us for bank information.

6. After-sales services

We have a dedicated team to look after wholesale customers and orders. Your order will be shipped and tracked at our top

priority. Our quality control team inspects products carefully before we ship any product to you.

If you have special requirements, e.g. packaging, please contact us before or immediately after you place wholesale orders.

RMA issues will also be handled by the wholesale team and with good terms.

Contact us via Email: and we will respond in one business day.

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