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 Reewape Technology  Co., LTD


Reewape Technology is a China leading manufacturer of Ecig resin drip tips and other accessories and personal electronic products that focus on bringing new ideas to the vape world and Vaper.

We dedicate to engineering authentic, top quality and extremely unique vaping devices.

We use the best quality materials existing today while forging ahead of customer demand, and engineer the compounds that will surely meet not only our current customer demands but actually predict their future demands.


Devotion creates Professionalization which achieves Perfection 
New stuff creates new knowledge.
New design creates a new experience.
New experience create new satisfaction  


1. Reewape is a professional manufacturing firm of Ecig and personal Electronic products that focus on bringing new ideas to the vape world and Vaper. we own imported CNC and engraving machines

2. Own engineers and designers from China and other countries (for example Indonesia , Canada, USA, and Kuwait)

3. Own stronger QC team to offer good quality

4. Supply all kinds of resin drip tips, also we can supply mod, RDA , tank and resin material and resin accessories including panels, tube, etc.

5. OEM/ODM for many famous vape brands companies

Reewape has Professional integration of R&D that focuses on vape market everyday have a strong foundation of the very best engineers, chemists, and market analysis with a combined half-century of experience. We anticipate the demands of the consumers, value products as a core competence and resolutely put an end to all vape products.

Reewape always keeps our budget and operation cost down so we can bring you the finest product out here at a mid-range price. We Reewape believe everyone is entitled to top quality without the ever-present dread of low funds.

Some more sincere and a little less routine. 
We carefully check every product by hand to ensure the utmost quality for our customers. We strive to provide quality products and the best customer service in the vaping industry.


We service and supply our products to most of the countries of the world 

Our Main Partners

>United States Distributors
>United Kingdom Wholesaler and Chain stores
>France Distributors
>Japan Distributors
>Korea Distributors
>China Brands Company
>Indonesia Distributors and Wholesaler
>Italy Wholesaler and Chain stores
>Canada Wholesaler and Chain stores
>Belgium Distributors
>Malaysia Wholesalers and chain stores
>Russian Chain stores
>Korea Distributors
>Spain Wholesaler and Chain stores
>Kuwait Wholesaler and Chain stores
>Thailand Wholesaler
>Colombia Wholesaler and Chain stores

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Reewape Technology Co., Ltd

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